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Types of Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

13 June, 18 / in Asphalt Repairs
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Whether you manage a commercial property, or an entire community of home owners, asphalt pavement maintenance is mandatory. With today’s increasing budget constraints, property and facilities managers are looking to stretch every dollar to keep their investment in tip top shape. Learn more about preventative, corrective and emergency asphalt pavement maintenance.

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Summer Pavement Maintenance Checklist

25 May, 18 / in Asphalt Repairs
Summer Pavement Maintenance Checklist - vF

As temperatures rise, so does the need for asphalt pavement maintenance. With today’s increasing budget constraints, preventative pavement maintenance is vital to protecting your investment. Download Sunland's Summer Pavement Maintenance Checklist to know what to look for as you walk your property.

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Road Noise and Pavement Types

25 October, 17 / in Pavement Maintenance
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Road noise is one of the most complained-about noises in the United States. Whether you are sick of listening to cars driving down your street all night or you hate hearing the “thud” of concrete while on the road yourself, there is a solution for quieter roads. Understand why roads are loud and how asphalt pavement can reduce noise in the safest, most cost-efficient way possible.

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Sunland Demos Sustainable Pavement Methods at ASU

17 November, 16 / in Community

On Tuesday, November 15th, Sunland Asphalt participated in the 13th Annual Arizona Pavement/Materials Conference at Arizona State University to demonstrate sustainable pavement maintenance options.

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Seal Up the Longevity of Your Pavement with Crack Seal Maintenance!

19 October, 16 / in Asphalt Repairs

Staying up to date on maintaining your pavement is the best way to preserve the condition of that pavement. One of the most cost-conscious and effective forms of pavement maintenance is crack sealing. While crack sealing will not improve the feel, noise or rideability of the existing pavement, it will often extend the life of that pavement by several years.

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Budgeting for Pavement Maintenance

31 August, 16 / in Asphalt Repairs
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Whether you manage one property or multiple properties, budgeting for pavement maintenance is essential to preserve one of your most valuable assets. Our Division Manager, Ken Estrada, discusses the importance of well maintained asphalt and budgeting for pavement maintenance.

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The Pavement Life Cycle

20 July, 16 / in Asphalt Repairs
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For every property manager, understanding the pavement life cycle is essential to budgeting for service and avoiding costly repairs. By ensuring your asphalt is properly maintained, you will be rewarded with cost savings and attractive, long-lasting roads and parking areas.

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Selecting a Contractor

06 July, 16 / in Asphalt Repairs
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Have you ever counted the number of contractors with whom you do business? The list is long … landscaping, lighting, roofing, pavement, and those are just the contractors for the outside of your property. While selecting a pavement maintenance contractor can be difficult, there are some criteria you can use to select the best company for your project.

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Understanding Pavement Distresses

20 April, 16 / in Pavement Maintenance
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There are several factors that can distress and destroy your pavement including environmental and structural issues. Environmental distresses are outside influences that affect the pavement performance including ultraviolet rays, water and natural aging. Structural distresses are physical failures in the pavement and sub-bases. They can occur due to overloading, wet subgrade or substandard design.

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How to Extend the Life of Your Asphalt

17 August, 15 / in Asphalt Repairs

Well designed and constructed asphalt pavements can provide many years of useful service – if properly maintained. An effective asphalt maintenance program will dramatically increase the useful life of your roads, while postponing the need for the considerable expense of reconstruction. Asphalt can be viewed in much the same way as wood. If wood is left untreated, it will be destroyed by elements of weather including sun, oxidation, and water.

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