Ultra Thin Bonded Wearing Course

Ultra Thin Bonded Wearing Course is designed for use as a high performance surface treatment over structurally sound asphalt or concrete pavements.  Ultra Thin Bonded Wearing Course consists of a heavy spray application of polymer modified asphalt emulsion followed immediately by an ultra-thin gap-graded hot mix asphalt.  Both applications are quick completed in one pass by a specially designed paving machine.  Once the hot mixed asphalt is placed, a 10-ton steel wheeled vibratory roller is used for compaction.  The area can be opened to regular traffic usually within 15 minutes after compaction is completed.

The benefits of Ultra Thin Bonded Wearing Course include:

  1. Superior bonding of the new surface to the existing surface.
  2. Impermeable membrane helps seal out water.
  3. Reduces noise.
  4. Improves skid resistance.
  5. Maintains overhead clearances, curbs and drainage profiles.
  6. Provides fast construction/return to traffic – lowers delay costs.
  7. Minimizes user inconvenience.

Ready for Ultra Thin Bonded Wearing Course?

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