Factors to Consider Before Paving My School’s Parking Lot

22 November, 17 / in Project Spotlight

No one likes old, cracked parking lots. Not only do they look unattractive, but they can be annoying to drive on, especially if there are a lot of potholes. School parking lots are used every day and should be kept in tiptop shape.

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Sunland Asphalt Earns 2017 Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Award

09 November, 17 / in Project Spotlight

On November 2nd, 2017, the Phoenix Business Journal celebrated the best of Arizona private enterprise at the annual Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) awards. Sunland Asphalt was recognized as the 16th Top Privately Held Company in Arizona.

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Prepare Your Asphalt for Winter Weather

08 November, 17 / in Asphalt Repairs
Paradise Valley - Crack Seal (8)-web

When you installed asphalt lots and pathways onto your property, you made a significant investment. Keeping them in top condition is a high priority, and that includes protecting that pavement against the forces of nature.

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Road Noise and Pavement Types

25 October, 17 / in Pavement Maintenance
Beautiful road

Road noise is one of the most complained-about noises in the United States. Whether you are sick of listening to cars driving down your street all night or you hate hearing the “thud” of concrete while on the road yourself, there is a solution for quieter roads. Understand why roads are loud and how asphalt pavement can reduce noise in the safest, most cost-efficient way possible.

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Meet the Expert: Yanira Sanchez

23 October, 17 / in Project Spotlight
Yanira Sanchez

As the Project Administrator, Yanira is the office & field support for project Manager & superintendents. "I can't say there is a "Typical" day for me, things change from day to day that's what is so exciting. I love to deal with the daily challenges."

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How to Fix a Pothole

18 October, 17 / in Asphalt Repairs

While some potholes can be seen in plain sight, others remain hidden until you drive or stumble right over them. No matter what type of pothole you’re dealing with, the experts at Sunland Asphalt are here to provide you with some industry insight about how they form, how to fix them, and how to prevent them.

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What Is the Process in Crack Sealing for Asphalt Maintenance?

11 October, 17 / in Crack Seal

Crack sealing is a method of repairing small cracks in pavement before they become large cracks. It extends the functional life of roads and parking lots. It is an easy and affordable repair, but there are different types of sealers and methods.

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Is My Asphalt in Need of Repair?

04 October, 17 / in Asphalt Repairs
cracked asphalt texture

Asphalt within a parking lot may seem indestructible, but over time, it can begin to show some wear and tear. Asphalt needs to be regularly maintained to support the load of vehicles constantly driving over it. You need to be aware of when the structure is beginning to give way, so you can seek repairs from qualified professionals.

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Top Tips for Budgeting Asphalt Repairs

27 September, 17 / in Project Spotlight
Business finance man calculating budget numbers, Invoices and financial adviser working.

When your asphalt road or parking lot starts to show wear, it’s time to seek some repairs. Fortunately, asphalt repair is generally fast and affordable with the right planning. These few simple tips are the key to budgeting your asphalt repairs, both now and in the future.

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Meet the Expert: James Burrus

25 September, 17 / in Community
James Burrus

As Site superintendent, James is a site leader for Sunland. His days consists of starting out and leading the guys throughout the day in the safest most efficiently productive manor, while planning and looking ahead to the future to determine critical paths and better avenues to be cost efficient.

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