Types of Asphalt Pavement Maintenance

13 June, 18 / in Asphalt Repairs
Rancho Center - Tucson - AERIAL - Seal Coat (3)-web

Whether you manage a commercial property, or an entire community of home owners, asphalt pavement maintenance is mandatory. With today’s increasing budget constraints, property and facilities managers are looking to stretch every dollar to keep their investment in tip top shape. Learn more about preventative, corrective and emergency asphalt pavement maintenance.

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Sunland’s Guide to Summer Road Safety

06 June, 18 / in Community
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The kids are out of school, the sun is high, the weather is perfect, and you’re ready for a road trip. Summer is also the time for road construction projects and with that comes potential risks. While an inconvenience, road construction and maintenance is necessary to improve roads for the safety of the traveling public. Before you hit the road, check out our top five tips to drive safely through construction zones with ease.

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Summer Pavement Maintenance Checklist

25 May, 18 / in Asphalt Repairs
Summer Pavement Maintenance Checklist - vF

As temperatures rise, so does the need for asphalt pavement maintenance. With today’s increasing budget constraints, preventative pavement maintenance is vital to protecting your investment. Download Sunland's Summer Pavement Maintenance Checklist to know what to look for as you walk your property.

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Sunland Asphalt Wins 2018 AZAGC Build Arizona Award

02 May, 18 / in Project Spotlight
Photo Apr 30, 8 16 49 AM

Congratulations to Sunland Asphalt for winning the AZAGC Build Arizona Award. The project highlighted for the Award was ADOT SR 73-Fort Apache to Locust Streets, and was selected to represent some of Arizona's finest infrastructure projects for 2017.

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CFMA Names Doug DeClusin Executive of the Year

30 April, 18 / in Awards
Doug DeClusin_SM

On Thursday, April 26, 2018 the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) held their Annual Executive of the Year Banquet at the Mountain Shadows Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Every year, the CFMA recognizes exceptional leaders in the construction industry. Although many were nominated, Sunland’s Chief Executive Officer, Doug DeClusin was awarded the Executive of the Year General Contractor Award.

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Celebrating Safety: Luis Lomas

25 April, 18 / in Awards
Luis Lomas_LG

Congratulations are in order to Sunland Asphalt Superintendent, Luis Lomas. Luis received Sunland's 'Above and Beyond' Safety Award on April 25th, 2018.

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Sunland Asphalt Honored with 2017 Transportation Partnering Award

03 April, 18 / in Awards
2018 Arizona Transportation Partnership Award (38)

Sunland Asphalt was honored at this year’s 67th Annual Roads and Streets Conference at the La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona on Friday, March 30. Our team accepted a 2017 Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) SR-260 Woods Canyon Lake to Forest Lakes project.

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Meet the Expert: Verlene Monlon

19 March, 18 / in Project Spotlight
Verlene Monlon_SM

As Customer Service Coordinator, Verlene talks to external and internal customers. She answers all the incoming sales calls for Sunland, enters the information into the database, and distributes the information to our sales personnel. In addition, Verlene supports the Maintenance Divisions in customer requested paperwork.

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El Mirage Street Fest

15 March, 18 / in Project Spotlight
El Mirage Street Fest (133)

On February 22, the First Annual El Mirage Street Festival kicked off, celebrating completion of large portions of the El Mirage road construction from Ventura to Thunderbird Roads. This celebration was held to give back to the community members who have endured extensive construction, creating road closures and additional traffic, but also to recognize the contractors who have been hard at work making improvements to the infrastructure in the area. Sunland Civil Division Manager, Josh Phillips, spoke at the event and commended the community for investing in a project that greatly improved pedestrian safety, especially for the schools in the area that see high volumes of traffic and traffic control. El Mirage Mayor Lana Mook thanked Sunland and Josh Phillips for all of the hard work performed for this project. Mook also mentioned that there would be more work to come, but the improvements to the community would be invaluable once complete.

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Parking Lots: Why Asphalt is the Smart Choice

14 March, 18 / in Project Spotlight

Determining between using concrete or asphalt for your parking lot can be a tough decision to make as both options seem to be ideal. To help you with this conundrum, we have put together this comparative resource.

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