Jeffrey Winney

Marketing Director

Jeff Winney is the Director of Marketing at Sunland Asphalt. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and an MBA in Marketing, Jeff has an extensive background in the AEC industry, with over 25 years of professional experience. He is responsible for communicating and elevating the Sunland brand through strategy and client engagement. Jeff achieves success for Sunland by creating a culture focused on client success and developing strategies to positively influence clients through every step of their journey with Sunland. Jeff also integrates over-arching marketing strategies, market research, and micro-tactics to capture high-priority work, continuously grow the company and teams, and advance Sunland as the leader in the asphalt paving industry. Jeff is a senior advisor to firm leadership, driving market and sector differentiation and leading the company’s marketing and communications teams across the country.


Jeff is a creative team leader with experience forming integrated marketing campaigns that boost brand awareness, disseminate thought leadership, and increase engagement. In addition, he helps advance the company’s growth through strategic promotion and partnering, data analysis, market research, social media, tactical advertising, public relations, and community events and outreach.