Is My Asphalt in Need of Repair?

04 October, 17 / Asphalt Repairs, Sealcoating, Sunland Asphalt

Asphalt within a parking lot may seem indestructible, but over time, it can begin to show some wear and tear. Asphalt needs to be regularly maintained to support the load of vehicles constantly driving over it. You need to be aware of when the structure is beginning to give way, so you can seek repairs from qualified professionals.


Numerous types of cracking can take place on asphalt’s surface. Some of the more common varieties include:

  • Block cracking, which is when the cracks form rectangles on the surface
  • Alligator cracking, which is when immense stress has been placed on the surface and the fissures spread out everywhere
  • Transverse cracking, which is when a single breakage forms across the length of the asphalt structure
  • Linear cracking, which occurs when there is inadequate joint construction
  • Slippage cracking, which happens when something slips along the surface of the asphalt such as oil or excessive dirt
  • Edge cracking, which forms on the sides of the asphalt and is most often a result of plant roots upending the integrity of the structure

The best fix for these problems will depend on the severity of the damage and where exactly the cracks have developed. Sometimes you will just need to get a sealing for the overall structure. Other times you will simply need to tear out the existing asphalt and replace it with something new.

Pot Holes

Pot holes usually occur when alligator cracking becomes too severe. At a certain point, chunks of asphalt will break away, and they will be removed from the asphalt due to vehicles constantly driving over the surface. You will notice you have this problem if you constantly have to drive over a deep hole in the road. This issue needs to be addressed posthaste before it causes significant damage to cars.


Over time, rutting can occur within a driveway. This is generally due to moisture infiltration or a result of the asphalt losing compaction. It creates a depression within the asphalt that will make vehicles feel unbalanced as they are driving over it. Sometimes the rutting just needs to be filled in with more asphalt, but occasionally, the rutted area needs to be removed entirely.

Oil Spots

With so many vehicles driving over asphalt, you can be certain that oil is going to leak out of them and onto the road at some point. It is vital to remove this oil as soon as possible, especially if you have a sealing treatment planned in the near future. If asphalt is sealed while oil is on the surface, then the sealant is not going to stick. Additional substances to promptly remove from asphalt include tree sap, mud and anything else that could potentially get in the sealant’s way.

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