Poston Butte High School Bus Lot


The project included construction surveying and layout; installing one rock track out ingress/egress, including making the necessary saw cuts; approximately 4.4 acres of clear, grub, and prewet; removal of existing asphalt to various depths; over excavating and recompacting building pad 2’ below existing grade; making site grading cuts and fills; cutting approximately 2,030 linear feet for 18” vertical curb, valley gutter, and curb and gutter; cutting approximately 8,578 square feet of concrete for sidewalks, pads, and fuel island; furnishing and installing light pole bases; backfill curb and concrete; applying soil sterilant to and paving of approximately 152,069 square feet with 1/2” asphalt to an average finished depth of 3” after compaction with a steel wheeled vibratory roller; installing two 2” round posts with handicap signs; layout and striping of parking lot to blueprints using yellow and white latex traffic paint; and installing four new rebar reinforced concrete parking blocks and pin with #4 rebar.  Sunland also provided an option to install extruded curb in lieu of cast in place to be done through the digging and installation of 2,030 linear feet of asphalt thickened edge per MAG detail 201 type “A”; and furnishing and installing 2,030 linear feet of 6”x8” industrial angle extruded concrete curbing in lieu of CIP curb.


Florence Unified School District


Florence, AZ

City of Tempe Poston Butte