R+L Carriers


R+L Carriers is a global transportation company. The R+L Carriers – Phoenix New Terminal and Warehouse at 4125 S 41st Ave in Phoenix is an $11,000,000 plus project for R.L.R. Investment, LLC. Vector Constructors LLC, is the General Contractor for this project and after significant activity in selecting and negotiating with subcontractor’s awarded Sunland Asphalt the site-work package.

The new facility will have 7,500 square feet of office space, 72,000 sq. ft. of docks, and a 13,200 sq. ft. maintenance building. The terminal and warehouse will be a central trucking transportation hub for R+L.

Sunland’s scope of work includes; Site pre-wet, clear & grub, demolition, building over-excavation and import of low expansive material on pads, mass excavation of the entire site, fine grading of concrete curbing and flatwork, PCCP subgrade, subgrade, base course and asphalt paving of the City of Phoenix offsite improvements.


R.L.R. Investment, LLC.


Phoenix, AZ

Industrial Asphalt Paving Company in Arizona
Sunland Asphalt performing excavation and grading for R&L Carriers
Building over-excavation and other services from Sunland Asphalt
Industrial Paving and Excavation for R+L Carriers