Women in Construction Week Featuring: Jeri Keefer

10 March, 21 / Meet the Expert, Nevada, Sunland Asphalt

Today we are featuring our office manager Jeri Keefer from our Nevada location. Everything from processing new hires to supporting the production team Jeri does it all! Here is what we’ve learned about Jeri.


What is your title and role with Sunland? 

My title is Dispatcher.  I have a variety of roles.  I act as office manager, handling those duties.  I work with the Production department to create the work folders, set up subs, schedule some work with the customers, and submit billing for completed jobs.  I, also, assist the HR dept. in handling HR duties in the Nevada office, including processing new hires.


What companies have you worked for?

Blue Diamond Materials (an asphalt supplier) and Sunland Asphalt.


What positions have you previously held?

Receptionist, Ready Mix Dispatcher, Office Manager, Asphalt Coordinator, Dispatch Supervisor, and now a Dispatcher for Sunland Asphalt.


What certifications do you have? 

Colas University -“Asphalt & Emulsions” “Mix Designs” & “Sales”


What is the best part of your job?

The team of people and the diversity of the job.  Every day is a new adventure, different scopes of work, different customers.


What is challenging about your job?

Every day has different challenges.  I am detail-oriented and set a list of duties to be accomplished each day, so staying on top of those can be challenging.


What interests you about working in the construction field?

The diversity.  For me, I started as a receptionist, which could be a position in any company, but I was given the opportunities to learn and grow in the construction industry and it kept me excited to learn and do more.


What is your advice for other women pursuing a career in construction?

Absorb all of the information that you can, and don’t be shy to ask questions.   Keep communication and customer service/satisfaction a priority.


How can Sunland attract more women to the construction industry?

I think there has to be a desire to work in construction and then an opportunity.