6 Tips to Keep Your Parking Lot in Tip-Top Shape

14 November, 18 / Pavement Maintenance

As a commercial property owner and/or manager, you are responsible for the safety, security, and appearance of your building and its grounds, including the parking lot(s). The parking lot is often the first thing people see when visiting your business, and is one of the most overlooked areas for regular maintenance. More often than not, property owners and/or managers wait until there is an issue or safety hazard before addressing asphalt pavement maintenance. Here are six quick and easy tips to help you maintain your investment.

  1. Walk and Watch
    You can’t take care of parking lot problems you don’t know about. Fixing little things now can usually save you big bucks later. Make it a point to walk around your parking lot on a monthly basis, and encourage your employees and/or tenants to do likewise. Consider it part of a group physical fitness program. Look for debris, rocks, leaves, dirt, puddles, oil spills, cracks, potholes, backed-up drains, and anything else that is unsightly or could pose a danger or inconvenience to people driving through or parking.
  2. Sweep or Weep
    Dirt and debris on an asphalt parking lot get ground in and over time can compromise the integrity of the surface, leading to costly repairs. Rocks, pebbles, and sharp objects are windshield and tire hazards. Small tree branches are slip-and-falls waiting to happen. A pile of wet leaves make it easier for water to seep into the subsurface.
  3. Stash the Trash
    If you have dumpsters at the edge of your parking lot, make sure they and the area around them are properly used and maintained. Smelly dumpsters and messy littered dumpster areas not only are eyesores and nose sores, they also attract mice, rats, cats, raccoons, and a variety of other unwelcomed animal visitors, and can become actual health hazards. Each dumpster should be clearly labeled as to what type of waste goes in it, such as garbage, glass, paper, cans, general recyclables, etc.
  4. Foil the Oil
    Parking lots are notorious for oil, antifreeze, and other fluids stains from cars and trucks. These corrosive materials are more damaging to your parking lot’s surface than rain water. It is important to address any visible significant oil stains as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs down the road.
  5. Slosh the Wash
    If you have a huge commercial parking lot, hire a pressure washing company to regularly pressure wash it. A dirty parking lot not only looks dingy and neglected but also can foster the growth of mold and mildew, both of which are health hazards, especially for people who already suffer from allergies and other sensitivities. Power washing with steam and commercial grade chemicals can kill such contaminants, prevent their return, and provide your customers, employees, or tenants with a germ-free environment. It also cleans out the dirt and debris from developing surface cracks, making them easier to see and therefore to deal with.
  6. Seal the Deal
    Once you realize your parking lot has cracks and or loses its fresh black color, be proactive and seal the deal. Crack sealing and sealcoating are two common ways property owners/managers preserve their pavement.

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