Immanuel Martinez

Division Manager, Public Works

Immanuel Martinez has over 20 years of construction experience and has been integrally involved in project management for a multitude of projects. He has gained his expertise by partnering on projects for owners such as the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) state-wide, Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT), the City of Phoenix, Pima County, City of Tucson, White Mountain Apache Tribe (WMAT), The Federal Aviation Administration, test tracks, and private racetracks for owners such as ATTESA, APEX Motor Club, Inde Motorsports Ranch, and Formula 1. Immanuel was the one to introduce and implement 3D paving and asphalt surface texturizing and highly specialized asphalt surface treatments with Sunland. He did not only introduce it, but he led the implementation to ensure it was successful. These responsibilities have given him hands-on experience with the technical processes of paving, such as 3D [or UTS] Paving. Immanuel has an expertise in taking on the most complex and challenging projects. He not only takes them on, but builds successful teams to ensure the project is executed and completed to the high standard he holds for himself, his team, and Sunland.