Meet the Expert: Verlene Monlon

19 March, 18 / Project Spotlight

As Customer Service Coordinator, Verlene talks to external and internal customers. She answers all the incoming sales calls for Sunland, enters the information into the database, and distributes the information to our sales personnel. In addition, Verlene supports the Maintenance Divisions in customer requested paperwork.Verlene Monlon_SM

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I did not have anything I strongly wanted but was very practical and took secretarial classes in High School.   After I went to college and earned my degree it was in Business Administration with a heavy emphasis on accounting.

List 3 things on your “bucket list.”

Below 3 of the top on my list but not enough for all the places I still want to travel to.

I want to go to Paris France and see the Eifel Tower

I want to go to Chicago at St Patrick’s Day when they change the river to green in celebration.

I want to go to New York and complete the circle tour in the harbor.

What are you going to do when you retire? 

I have always had friends who were senior citizens even when I was a young child and volunteered in the past and it was a very enriching experience.  (I don’t consider myself a senior citizen yet)

Learn about family history – I am fascinated by the show “Who do you think you are.

Cooking lessons – I enjoy cooking with my husband and would like to expand my limited skills.

Travel – Barry and I are working now on going to every state in the United States and in the past 10 years have seen many of the states.