Meet One of Sunland’s Paving Superintendents: Ryan Smith

30 March, 21 / Meet the Expert

Ryan has worked for Sunland for 13 years to find out what he does in a typical day keep reading!


What is your title and division? ​

Paving Superintendent for Public Works


Explain your background and experience in the construction industry. 

I started with FNF Construction in 2005 as a laborer. From there I was eager for knowledge in learning the whole operation of paving. In 2008 I came to Sunland Asphalt as a screed operator, which later moved into the foreman position.


Describe your position with Sunland. What does a typical day look like for you? 

As a paving Superintendent, my typical day begins by quantifying the job so we know about how many tons of Asphalt to lay. After the crew shows up and I’ll conduct a safety meeting to discuss our daily PTP. From there…. Pave America!!


What is your favorite song?

This is an impossible question for me to answer. I enjoy a wide range of music. Too many great songs!


What is a talent of yours?

Well, I taught myself how to ride a unicycle when I was ten. Hmm! I guess I was the weird kid! Everyone else was riding bikes and scooters. I like to strum the ol’ guitar a little.


What was your first job?

Started at sixteen as a cook for KFC in beautiful Page, Arizona.


What country or place have you always wanted to visit?

Bora Bora!! Those little huts on the water look amazing!


We are so happy to have Ryan on our team!