Sunland’s Spring Asphalt Maintenance Checklist

23 March, 21 / Project Spotlight

As temperatures rise, so does the need for asphalt pavement maintenance.  In order to avoid costly repairs, preventative maintenance is vital to protecting your investment.  Here is what to look for when walking your property:

  • COLOR: Is your asphalt a dull light grey?
  • CRACKING: Are there cracks ¼ inch or larger? Are there cracks that look like alligator skin?
  • POTHOLES: Are there holes in the asphalt, filled with rocks, sand and or water?
  • LOOSE ROCKS: Are there loose rocks and sand throughout the lot?
  • OIL: Are there oil stains from vehicles in your parking stalls?
  • FADED PAVEMENT MARKINGS/STRIPING: Are parking stalls and driving to identify?
  • WATER: Is there standing water on the pavement?
  • TRIPPING HAZARDS: Are there any concrete curbs, parking stall stops or bollards that are a potential safety hazard?

Do any of those issues look familiar?  If so, give Sunland a call for a free quote on any asphalt pavement maintenance service or repair.

Download the Checklist HERE.

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