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02 February, 21 / Pavement Maintenance, Sunland Asphalt

At Sunland, we take the “feet first approach” to Pavement Maintenance. That means giving the most effort and prioritizing ongoing
maintenance to extend the life of your asphalt and paving project. Key elements to focus on when looking to maintain quality
pavement include:


  • PAVEMENT SWEEPING: Regular sweeping actually protects the pavement. Sand and grit that accumulate over time are
    abrasive and will eventually wear away the surface.
  • CRACK SEALING: Cracks should be the first thing addressed when scheduling maintenance. Cracks ¼ inch or larger should
    be cleaned with high-pressure air and then sealed with a hot rubber crack sealer (fortified with polymer).
  • SEALCOATING: Protective sealcoating will significantly extend the life of pavements. This is critical for eliminating the
    damaging effects of the sun, oxidation and water.


  • ASPHALT REPAIRS: Surface repairs are when thin overlay of compacted hot mix may be applied to fill low areas or to
    replace lost surface fines. This process is also known as “skin patching.”

    • Removal and replacement is recommended for areas exhibiting base failure or “alligatoring.” This process involves saw
      cutting and removal of the distressed area. The base material is then either recycled or replaced and new compacted hot mix
      asphalt completes the job.
  • ASPHALT OVERLAYS: An asphalt overlay is simply the process of installing a new surface layer. A hot mix asphalt layer is
    laid directly over existing asphalt on either parking lots or roads. In order to be a candidate for an overlay, pavement should be
    relatively sound without large areas of base failure.
  • FABRIC OVERLAYS: Fabric overlays form a barrier between the existing surface and the asphalt, protecting the sub-grade
    from water intrusion, reducing maintenance costs and extending pavement life. This is recommended if the pavement
    condition has deteriorated to the point of requiring an overlay of new asphalt, an inner layer of fabric should be considered.
  • MILLING: Milling is the process of removing a selected, precise thickness of asphalt pavement with a large rotating
    drum that grinds and removes the surface. This is recommended when an asphalt pavement’s deficiencies are primarily
    surface distresses, milling may offer an effective solution. Once the milling is removed the asphalt is often recycled as aggregate in
    new pavement.


  • EMERGENCY REPAIRS: Blowouts, severe potholes or sink holes that needs repair immediately for safety reasons or to
    allow traffic to utilize the roadway or parking lot. This includes temporary treatments designed to hold the surface together
    until more permanent repairs can be performed.


Our experts are seasoned in asphalt pavement maintenance and are ready to help you put your
best foot forward on your customized pavement maintenance program. Contact us today for a free
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