Sunland Donates New Forklift to Wings of Faith!

22 March, 21 / Community, Sunland Asphalt

Sunland has donated a new forklift to Wings of Faith (WOF), a missionary aviation group that provides on-going support and donations to 14 Native American tribes in the United States and is committed to helping the poor, abused, hungry and forgotten people in these communities. “This donation could not have come at a better time, as our previous well-used forklift retired on us without permission. As soon as it was off-loaded from your transport vehicle in Holbrook, we immediately put it to work,” said Jeff Gasteiger, WOF President and Pilot.

The forklift is a valuable resource for transporting goods and supplies.  Mission cargo, such as non-perishable food, clothing, shoes, blankets, personal hygiene supplies, school supplies as well as power generators is received weekly at the WOF hangars, and after cataloging and processing for transport, cargo flights and ground transportation are arranged.  Transporting, loading and distributing these items is difficult without a fully operational forklift.

This isn’t Sunland’s first partnership with WOF.  In June 2020, Sunland Sunland led the efforts for the Flyin’ Food Drive on the newly constructed runway at the Holbrook Municipal Airport in Holbrook, Arizona. With 27 planes flying in delivering donations, this event had over 50 volunteers that delivered nearly 10,000 pounds of supplies including non-perishable and canned food, cleaning and disinfecting supplies, and personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves.  Monetary donations upwards of $6,000 were also donated to the organization.

“Thank you again for your company’s generosity and willingness to play a part in helping to serve others. We’re so appreciative of you sending out your mechanic to work on our previous forklift, arranging the use of the ‘Trafficade’ forklift, and donating the newer forklift, and for organizing the ‘Flyin’ Food Drive.’  We are extremely grateful and cherish our relationship with you. There is strength in numbers! Those we serve are oftentimes in dire need, so the more of us that come together with the common goal of helping mankind, the better,” Gasteiger said.

For more information on the organization or how you can help, visit