Sunland New Mexico Gives Back to the Women’s Housing Coalition

17 December, 20 / Community

In lieu of holiday gifts to our most valued customers this year in New Mexico, Sunland Asphalt & Construction, Inc. (Sunland) will donate asphalt paving services to the Women’s Housing Coalition.

Established in 1988, the Women’s Housing Coalition (WHC) provides low-income, single mothers and their children an environment that fosters and nurtures their independence, personal growth, financial responsibility and a road map to becoming self-sufficient women and an inspiration to their children.  Nearly 85% of women receiving assistance from the WHC have experienced some type of domestic violence.  The WHC organization provides low rent in WHC owned housing units for up to two years, life skills training, and parenting classes. Working in conjunction with other non-profit agencies, churches and social workers, they also help women access other community resources like legal assistance, child care, resume preparation and counseling for both women and children.  Women must meet several criteria to participate in the program such as working and or going to school.  The WHC has seen many success stories, as some women have been able to complete schooling becoming nurses, teachers, accountants, etc.

The WHC does not receive any federal or state funding, operating by funding from rent collected from tenants, proceeds from a local thrift store, charitable donations and fundraising events.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, annual fundraising events had been cancelled.  While the WHC was able to maintain basic housing operations, some of the major repairs and maintenance to their housing units were not possible.  The parking lot at one of their units is in dire need of asphalt repairs; however, it was not in the budget.  That’s where Sunland comes in.

Sunland will complete the much needed parking lot repairs free of charge in 2021.  In partnership with Vulcan Materials and Accustripe, Sunland will donate the labor, materials and equipment to complete the project in January 2021.  We will update you on the progress of this project and the impact on the WHC community in 2021.

For more information on the Women’s Housing Coalition and how you can help, visit