Sunland Resumes Work on Sunland Gin Road for Pinal County

29 August, 22 / Project Spotlight

At a Public Meeting in Arizona City, representatives from Pinal County Public Works and County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeffrey McClure have announced that work on Sunland Gin Road will resume on September 6, 2022. Pinal County halted work on the project after quality control issues were found with the previous contractor, and their contract was canceled. Sunland Asphalt, which has been working in Pinal County for the last six years, will be the new construction contractor. Construction will adhere to the originally designed plans that were presented at a prior public meeting in February 2020. The project will feature a new, rehabilitated 3-lane roadway from Battaglia Road to Monaco Boulevard. The work will also feature a sidewalk on the west side of the roadway, a drainage channel, and storm drain improvements. Driveway improvements to properties that have existing access to Sunland Gin Road are also a part of the project.

The original projected cost of the Sunland Gin Road improvements was $6.4 million. Because of market cost increases, mobilizing a new contractor, and a shortened construction timeframe, the project is currently estimated at $7.5 million. The original construction timeframe has been shortened from nine months to five months. The plan is to have residents driving on the asphalt by Thanksgiving, with the southbound lane done by Oct. 15 and the northbound lanes completed by November 24. The project will be substantially complete in January, with final completion by mid-February.

For the full recap of Supervisor McClure’s updates at AZ City Town Hall, CLICK HERE:

We look forward to working with Pinal County on this project!