Three Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Construction

15 June, 16 / Careers

By: Renee McWenie, Human Resources Manager

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Sealcoating in City of BuckeyeWhen I was a kid my father would take my brothers and me on Sunday drives and show us what they built. We would look at neighborhoods and they would say “I built that” and I could see their sense of pride in building their community. When I joined Sunland Asphalt, I found that our team had the same pride in the projects they had worked on. So besides that, what makes working in construction such a great career choice?

  1. The Construction Industry is Rebounding from the Recession: The construction industry is rebounding from the recession. According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), the construction industry will continue to recover in 2016. This means career opportunities are becoming widely available as firms are increasing staff.
  2. Different Positions are Available: The construction labor force is shrinking. As Baby Boomers retire the industry is finding it harder to find experienced staff. The good news is that there are jobs available in various positions including laborers, operators, craft workers, truck drivers, foremen, superintendents, project engineers, project managers, safety officers, and operations managers. Many construction companies also have jobs in Administration, Marketing, IT, Accounting and Human Resources.
  3. It Pays Well:  According to the average hourly wage of a construction worker in 2014 was $14.45 per hour. Foremen earned $21.35 per hour, and Project Managers earned $25.00 per hour. Additionally, many companies offer competitive benefits packages to their employees.

To be sure, you’ll work hard in the construction industry, but you will be building your community and be able to tell your children and grandchildren, “I built that!”

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