Understanding Pavement Distresses

20 April, 16 / Pavement Maintenance

Alligator Cracking

There are several factors that can distress and destroy your pavement including environmental and structural issues.    Below are several of the most commonly identified distresses and recommended remedies for your pavement.

Environmental Distresses

Environmental distresses are outside influences that affect the pavement performance including ultraviolet rays, water and natural aging.  These distresses normally occur from the top down and include the following:

  • Longitudinal, Transverse, and Thermal cracking – Different types of cracks in the pavement
  • Bleeding – a film of asphalt binder on the pavement surface
  • Raveling – disintegration and separation of hot mixed asphalt

Environmental distresses are often remedied by surface applications, such as skin patching, crack sealing, sealcoating, slurry seal, chip seals, and in some instances, thin hot mixed overlays.

Structural Distresses

Structural distresses are physical failures in the pavement and sub-bases. They can occur due to overloading, wet subgrade or substandard design.  Examples of these distresses include:

  • Alligator Cracking – Series of interconnected cracks, resembling an alligator’s hide
  • Depressions – Localized pavement surface areas with slightly lower elevations than the surrounding pavement.
  • Potholes – Missing chunks of pavement, leaving holes in the pavement

These distresses occur from the bottom up, and the only remedies are overlays, removal and replacement (R&R) of the affected areas or total removal and repaving.  This includes R&R patching, overlays, or some form of removal and repaving (total removal, milling, pulverizing and paving).

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