What Is the Process in Crack Sealing for Asphalt Maintenance?

11 October, 17 / Crack Seal, Sunland Asphalt

Crack sealing is a method of repairing small cracks in pavement before they become large cracks. It extends the functional life of roads and parking lots. It is an easy and affordable repair, but there are different types of sealers and methods.

Why Do Surfaces Crack?

You can’t put the roads away when you’re done driving on them. After a while, they take a real beating from the elements. Extreme temperature changes caused by intense sun, ice, snow, rain, and wind cause flaws to develop in both concrete and asphalt pavement.

Concrete is an enduring material, but it tends to be a bit brittle when it’s cold out. It holds up well in warmer climates, like in the southwestern United States, but when the temperatures drop, it can fracture. Cracks in a concrete surface are harder to repair than in asphalt.

Asphalt can get little tacky and is prone to shift. Small movements in the earth combined with high temperatures encourage asphalt to misbehave. It’s much easier to seal up than concrete, but it’s also more likely to crack in the first place.

Why Should I Be Concerned with Surface Cracks?

Uneven surfaces are a problem. At best, they are uncomfortable to drive over, and severe problems are a hazard. Large potholes can throw a car off course and lead to collisions. When damage to a road has progressed too far, it must be completely resurfaced or replaced entirely.

Small pavement cracks are a nuisance. Still, these cracks hasten the eventual failure of the entire paved surface. Water that seeps down between the cracks and gets at the base layer of the road erodes the foundation of the pavement. You should seal any crack wider than ¼ of an inch.

How Is Cracked Pavement Repaired?

At Sunland, we treat cracks with a hot pour sealant.  The hot pour crack seal method includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the cracked pavement using compressed air to dry the surface
  • Heating the sealant in a melting pot to approved specifications
  • Pouring sealant into the crack using a magic wand applicator
  • Banding the top of the crack by spreading sealant with a squeegee


Concerned about cracks?  Call Sunland Asphalt to scope your property with a free estimate.  Sunland Asphalt is the most reliable asphalt maintenance contractor in the southwest and our crew is ready to execute any crack sealing pavement maintenance solution to meet your schedule and your budget.

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