Women In Construction Week Featuring: Kyndal D’Ambrosio

08 March, 22 / Project Spotlight

Meet Sunland’s Fleet Coordinator, Kyndal D’Ambrosio!


What is your title and division? 

Fleet Coordinator, Fleet Division


Describe your position with Sunland.  What does a typical day look like for you? 

I usually start my day by reviewing my emails and calendar to prepare for any meetings that I have scheduled.  I work with the Fleet Director on the equipment budget to provide accounting with updated purchase information and weekly cash flow projections.  Once the equipment is purchased, I set it up in our system, assign an equipment #, request insurance and if required, work with the DMV to title, license & register each piece.  Then I process check requests & invoices and renew any expiring registrations.  I also make sure all insurance, Federal reporting, and certifications are up to date for our Fleet.


How did you get interested in working in the construction field?

I had been in the mortgage business for many years as a loan closer.  When the market crashed in 2007, I found myself looking for another career.  Several of my friends and family members were in the construction industry and loved it so it just seemed like the way to go.  I found a company looking to hire in their HR Department and they were willing to take a chance on me.  From that moment on, I never looked back.


What is your experience in the construction industry? (Ex. What company did you come from? What positions have you previously held? Etc.)

I started my construction career at Pulice Construction in their HR Department.  About a year later, I moved into payroll where I stayed an additional 9 years before coming to Sunland’s Fleet Department.


What is your advice for other women looking to pursue a career in construction?

My advice would be to just do it!  Growing up I never imagined myself in this industry, but here I am.  There are so many opportunities to learn new things and advance your career.    Whether you would like to be out in the field or in the office, the opportunities are endless.


If you could go back in time would you choose to work in construction? Why?

Yes, as I said before, I never looked back.  Even though I am in the office most of the time, I love to see the finished product and say “Sunland did that!”.  It fascinates me to see some of the equipment that is used to complete a job and how different pieces work together to create the final masterpiece.  Also, I have developed some of my greatest friendships with coworkers and vendors in the construction industry over the years.


How do you think Sunland can attract more women to the construction industry?

Treat employees equally, be flexible, provide adequate training and support greater diversity.