Women in Construction Week Featuring: Liz Mance

08 March, 21 / Colorado, Meet the Expert, Sunland Asphalt

Sunland is celebrating women in construction week. Liz is our first female estimator in our Colorado Office. This is what we have learned about Liz’s path in the construction industry.


What is your title and role with Sunland?



What companies have you worked for? What positions have you previously held?

I fell into the construction industry by accident, I started my career managing restaurants and bars. After starting a family, I decided that was not the right career for me. A scheduling position for Brown Brothers presented itself which I thought sounded fun and interesting, although I didn’t have any experience in the field I thought I would give it a go.  I worked there for 5 years. While there I held the roles of Scheduler and project coordinator. I was in charge of scheduling all projects, handled client communications, managed maintenance jobs, and closeout of jobs. In late 2020 a new opportunity presented itself to move to Sunland and become an Estimator.  It very much intrigued me as I had spent my time on the production side that I wanted to learn how the other side worked.


What is the best part of your job?

The construction industry is all about teamwork, it is impossible to create success trying to be the sole person. You get to use creativity, brainstorming, and problem solving every day to help your team to accomplish amazing things. No two days are the same and you never get to do the same project twice. My all-time favorite part is going to a site after all the work is completed and saying look what my company built!


What is challenging about your job?  

This industry is always changing and keep you on your toes, It is a very fast-paced career and you must keep up with changes on the fly. If you love a good challenge and something that keep you on your toes and allows you to learn new things everyday then this field is perfect for you.


What interests you about working in the construction field?

To be honest, I never thought I would be in this field, When I started I didn’t know what a saw cut was. Now I can’t imagine not being in this field. It is such a fun and exciting field to be in and there are so many niches and specialties you can explore that the opportunities are limitless.


What is your advice for other women pursuing a career in construction?

Don’t think you can’t do it just because you are a girl. Accept the fact you are entering a male-dominated field and go in with your head held high and prove to everyone that you have just as much value as your male colleges. Go in being the leader you want to have. Lift up and support other women in the field, the woman I have to meet in this field has turned out to be my best friends and I would have never made it where I am without them.


How can Sunland attract more women to the construction industry?

Everyone has been so great here at Sunland and having the culture of being the best place to work, it is so important to have that culture as you feel welcomed and excited to come to work every day. Have women in the company share their stories. Get involved in Women’s Construction organizations.