Women In Construction Week Featuring: Rachel Harding

11 March, 22 / Project Spotlight

Meet Rachel Harding Sunland’s Senior Marketing Coordinator! Learn what Rachel believes to be the best part of her job!


What is your title and division? 

Senior Marketing Coordinator


Describe your position with Sunland.  What does a typical day look like for you? 

I enjoy the opportunity to work with all the Divisions within Sunland. As a Senior Marketing Coordinator, I assist with proposals to municipalities for construction and maintenance work. I’ve had the opportunity to work on many winning proposals such as the MCDOT JOC, City of Scottsdale Pavement Surface Preservation Services, and more. Additional responsibilities include meeting with Divisions on Sales calls, scheduling professional photo/video, event planning, and designing graphics to name a few. Part of what I love about Marketing within the Commerical Construction Industry is the diversity of department projects – I never know what new project will come across my desk, which is part of what I love about my career.


How did you get interested in working in the construction field?

I’ve connected with this industry because of my network. At the beginning of my career, I had the opportunity to work as an HR assistant at the Civil Engineering firm that was a client of Pulte Homes, where my twin sister worked. I was hired and later transitioned to Business Development Assistant, and my path has always kept me in the Marketing/BD field.


What is your experience in the construction industry? (Ex. What company did you come from? What positions have you previously held? Etc.)

I have 15 years of experience within the Commercial Construction industry. My career path has included working for General Contractors, Civil Engineering, and Architectural firms. I have been with Sunland for over a year now, and I have to say that I won’t be leaving the Asphalt Industry – for me, this truly is the best place to work!


What is your advice for other women looking to pursue a career in construction?

I would advise them to give it a chance. You, too, can find something fulfilling to you to grow and thrive in this field. Times are changing, and there is a place for you in Construction.


As a woman in construction, what do you believe is the best part of your job?

I find construction fascinating. I love to get out in the field and observe our field team at work doing what they do best. But the best part of my job is winning job opportunities that then place those teams on those project sites. The team and their families are always driving me to do my best work.


If you could go back in time would you choose to work in construction? Why?

I would never change my path; it has led me to work with amazing people and for a company that truly values work-life balance. It’s a benefit to myself and my family; I’m very grateful to be part of this team.


How do you think Sunland can attract more women to the construction industry?

Sunland is a front runner when it comes to employing women in Construction. I have worked in Construction for many years, and I’m proud to know that we have 70 women across five states at Sunland, in both the offices and field. I would say we just need to keep doing what we are doing.