Women In Construction Week Featuring: Sydney Mayberry

10 March, 21 / Ace Asphalt, Meet the Expert, Sunland Asphalt

As announced last week, Sunland has some new teammates from Ace Asphalt! Sydney Mayberry is another one of our new teammates. As Sales Support, Sydney assists customers and the sales team on both the maintenance and public works side but does a little of everything. Here is what we learned about Sydney!


What is your title and role?  

Sales Support, I assist customers looking to have work done, assist the sales team on both the maintenance and public works side,  marketing. I do a little bit of everything!


What companies have you worked for? 

Torrid as an assistant manager from 2013-2018.


What is the best part of your job? 

My co-workers! I can honestly say I love working with each of my co-workers.


What is challenging about your job?

Making sure nothing falls through the cracks or gets missed. During the busy season it is easy for things to get missed and just making sure I am on top of everything I have going on.


What interests you about working in the construction field?

I never saw myself in the construction industry, but now that I’m in it, I love it! I like getting to know about what it takes to build a parking lot from the bottom up and what it takes to upkeep it. Now when I go to places one of the first things I look at is the parking lot and what kind of maintenance upkeep it needs.


What is your advice for other women pursuing a career in construction? 

Just go for it! You should be proud to be a woman in the construction industry. I know I am. Don’t let the fact that it is a male-dominated industry scare you off.


How can we attract more women to the construction industry? 

Show more women that are in the industry. Talk to girls in high school, and let them know the options they have not only in the construction industry but also in other blue-collar trades.